Animal Companion Caregiving

I provide attentive individualized care for your animal companion. Giving you peace of mind as you travel away from home.

Gardening and Land Stewarding

I offer chemical free methods for restoring your gardens and landscape. Creating spaces of beauty and peace, guided by my intuition and in right relationship with nature.

Home Organization

I help you to create manageable systems to maintain order, that align with your daily life.

Well Being Empowerment Education

I empower you with tools and practices to create sustainable, lifelong,  habits for elevating your spirit and discovering your inherent abilities.

Getting Better Together Movement Sessions

@ Blue Dragon Dojang, Lovingston, VA

Fundamentals of Being Human Workshop

In Person/Virtual

Who is Heron Insights?

Hello, my name is Marcie!

I’m known as a “Generalist” — someone with broad knowledge across many topics.

All knowledge builds on itself, so I take my suitcase packed full of wide-ranging experience with me wherever I go.

I enrich my heart by caring for animals.

I restore my spirit by tending the earth.

I feed my nerd by creating order from disorder.

I build community by empowering others.

Schedule your FREE

20 minute consultation

I would love to discuss how my services can benefit you.


Insights Saturday Digest

Learn What I’ve Been Exploring, Loving, and Using: Books, Tools, Practices and More.

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